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Our First Furbabies


This page is dedicted to our first pets:  Roentgen, Sammy, Princess, Willie, and Lizzie Borden.  



Lizzie Borden as a puppy- how cute!!!

She was a cockapoo and had lots of energy.  Lizzie was very destructive and she constantly needed supervision.


Willie giving himself a thorough cleaning!


Willie getting ready for a nap.

Willie was a cat who was a character.  He and Sammy were good friends and they loved to hang around in the screened-in porch to watch the birds.  At Christmas time the tree always had to be tied up and placed inside my play yard because both of them would knock it over!


Princess looking regal on the sofa.

Princess does have a special story.  My Mom saved her from being used in biology experiments.  She worked at a college at the time and when she found out that Princess was going to be killed and dissected, she decided to take her home.  As a result, this very lady-like cat always wanted to be near my Mom.

This was Roentgen (pronounced rank-en).  He was my parents first cat when they got married.  He was named after Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, who discovered x-rays.
He was a lovable kitty, and my Mom used to rock him like a baby.  He died very young of a bladder infection.


Sammy relaxing in our backyard.

Sammy was 1 of 3 cats my parents had when I was very young.  He was a 1 person cat and favored my Dad.



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