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The Lovebirds: Logan & Jazz
I took these pictures of my turtles Jazz and Logan when they mated for the 1st time this month.  If you think you may be uncomfortable with this, please don't  look any further.
Box turtles mate for hours.  Jazz and Logan's mating took about 3.5 hours.
Here is their story.....


These are 2 of my turtles.  Logan, the male, is on the left and Jazz, the female, is on the right.  She is letting him know that she is in "the mood".  And you can see his reaction... he pulled himself inside his shell.


Logan then positions himself so the mating can begin.


Here is a close-up of Logan.  Does he look happy?  Tired?? Its hard to tell!   At one point he did pull himself into his shell.  Maybe he fell asleep??


I took this picture of Jazz halfway through the mating.  Look at her face- she is smiling!!!!  I guess she really likes Logan!  ;-)



After I added Ivy into the enclosure, her head can be seen on the left, Logan suddenly got interested in Jazz.  When a male box turtle is ready to mate, he will climb atop the female and start biting her.  That's his way of saying "I'm ready now!"


In this picture you can see exactly how boxies mate.  Logan has hooked his back legs into the rear of Jazz's shell.  Then they "connect".


Here is a shot from another point of view.  This time Jazz is on the left and Logan is on the right.


Their mating session is coming to a close.  Logan is disconnecting himself from Jazz.

Their love session is over.  Logan wanted to get as far away from Jazz as possible.  I took him out of the enclosure and let him "strut" around the backyard for a while.  He is a stud!

So, was their mating successful?   I don't know yet.  I have to keep an eye on Jazz and see if she lays any eggs.  She could lay them in mid July.  Keep your fingers crossed that she does and that they're fertile!!! 

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